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Standards Australia / SAI Global

The WA Health Libraries Network has a single user login to Australian Standards Online - click on this link for access.

The login credentials needed are prepopulated - just click 'Submit' to get in.

It is important to logout once you have found what you need so others may gain access.

What's covered by the licence?

Australian standards are available, however the online site also references other international standards from organisations such as

AAMI - Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
ISO - International Organization for Standardization.

These online standards are 'locked' unless an additional purchase is made. The cost to unlock them is charged back to the part of WA Health that requires access.

When you click 'Request Unlock' you will need to fill in some details and then hit 'Submit Form'. The request will be sent to the SMHS Library to organise the purchase. Costs will be charged to the department making the request. Approval is required from the head of department and the relevant business manager (and the cost centre is required) but the Library staff can organise the payment and alert you when it is available.

Unusual features of the online access

Although you can download the Standards in pdf format, the downloaded copies are encoded with a predetermined expiry date, after which they cease to be accessible. You either need to log back in to view the standard as you need it and / or print off a copy (but remember to check your print copy is still the most current version).

International standards that are unlocked do not remain available indefinitely. They have a predetermined expiry date (up to the date of the annual subscription renewal - 24 June), after which they need to be repurchased. You can see the list of those that have been added to the standard licence by clicking on 'My International Docs' from the side menu of the site. It is important to print off any that you rely on and check back to see if the version you have printed remains the most current version.

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