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Intensive Care

PubMed - search for articles. ** Note that this is not a comprehensive search as references may appear in other databases.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): Critical care and airway management issues - UpToDate

Management of Critically Ill Adults With COVID-19 - JAMA - 26 March 2020
...Toward Universal Deployable Guidelines for the Care of Patients With COVID-19. Editorial - JAMA - 26 March 2020

Australian sources

COVID-19 Clinical Guidelines - WA Department of Health

Goals of care in the COVID-19 environment - WA Department of Health

Guidelines for the safe use of oxygen and ventilatory devices for adults and paediatrics during the COVID-19 outbreak - WA Department of Health

National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce. Caring for people with COVID-19 - national clinical guidelines

Consensus statement: Safe Airway Society principles of airway management and tracheal intubation specific to the COVID‐19 adult patient group - MJA - 8 December 2020

Surge capacity of Australian intensive care units associated with COVID-19 admissions – MJA – 4 May 2020

When a system breaks: a queuing theory model for the number of intensive care beds needed during the COVID-19 pandemic – MJA – 15 May 2020

Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society — COVID-19 Resources for Critical Care Professionals

Ventilators and other devices intended for respiratory support for COVID-19 – TGA – 31 January 2021 ~ Other TGA COVID-19 information

Safe Airway Society COVID-19

International sources

Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence relevant to critical care - Cochrane Special Collections

Information, guidance and resources supporting the understanding and management of Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, Intensive Care Society, Association of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Anaesthetists.

COVID-19 rapid guideline: managing COVID-19 - NICE guideline [NG191] - March 2021

European Society of Intensive Care Medicine - COVID-19

Evidence summary for average length of stay in the intensive care unit for COVID-19 – Ireland. Health Information and Quality Authority

Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC) - COVID-19 reports

National Institutes of Health [US] - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) - Treatment Guidelines

Royal Pharmaceutical Society – COVID-19 clinical practice and medicines-related information

Royal Pharmaceutical Society - Critical Illness  [EMHS & SMHS staff only]

Society of Critical Care Medicine - Emergency Response: COVID-19

Surviving Sepsis Campaign - COVID-19 Guidelines


Intensive care management of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): challenges and recommendations – Lancet – 6 April 2020

SARS‐CoV‐2, the medical profession, ventilator beds, and mortality predictions: personal reflections of an Australian clinician. Editorial - Nicholas J Talley - MJA - 3 April 2020

Covid-19: Mercedes F1 to provide breathing aid as alternative to ventilator (- will produce continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines) - BMJ - 30 March 2020


** Most major publishers have made all COVID-19 papers available open access. In general it is advisable to follow the Get it @ E/SMHS button to reach full text to avoid paywalls.  Quick ways to connect to paywalled full text - bookmarklets and the LibKey Nomad browser plug-in (note the caveats - these are effective but not 100% effective).