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Australia. Department of Health - Monkeypox 

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CDC 2022 Monkeypox and Orthopoxvirus Outbreak Global Map

CDC - Infection Prevention and Control of Monkeypox in Healthcare Settings - 22 May 2022

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - Interim advice on Risk Communication and Community Engagement during the monkeypox outbreak in Europe, 2022 - 2 June 2022

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - Risk assessment: Monkeypox multi-country outbreak - 23 May 2022

McMaster Health Forum - Living evidence profile 6: What is the best-available evidence related to the monkeypox outbreak?

UK Health Security Agency - Monkeypox cases confirmed in England - latest updates

UK Health Security Agency - Monkeypox. The epidemiology, symptoms, diagnosis and management of monkeypox virus infections 

WHO - Disease Outbreak News   and about Monkeypox

BMJ Best Practice  Poxvirus infection (monkeypox and smallpox) - 2022

WHO to phase out the name ‘monkeypox’ for ‘mpox’ - STAT - 28 November 2022

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Monkeypox Literature Digest – 1 June–23 June 2022 - UK Health Security Agency

Monkeypox: what is it and how can we prevent the spread? C Raina Macintyre - InSight - 30 May 2022

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Monkeypox outbreak was waiting to happen, say scientists -- Guardian - 25 May 2022

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European nations look to start targeted monkeypox vaccinations amid spread - ABC - 24 May 2022

ABC Health Report - The resurgence of monkeypox - 24 May 2022

Why are monkeypox cases suddenly emerging across the world and could the virus have mutated? - Guardian - 24 May 2022

Cases of monkeypox found in Sydney and Melbourne - InSight - 23 May 2022

Alex Jones’ Unfounded Claims That Monkeypox Outbreak Due To Covid-19 Vaccines - Forbes - 22 May 2022

Belgium introduces quarantine for monkeypox cases - Politico - 22 May 2022

Walker, M. (2022). Monkeypox Virus Hosts and Transmission Routes: A Systematic Review of a Zoonotic Pathogen. Biological Sciences Undergraduate Honors Theses  

Discussion of on-going MPXV genome sequencing - - 21 May 2022

Monkeypox goes global: why scientists are on alert. Scientists are trying to understand why the virus, a less lethal relative of smallpox, has cropped up in so many populations around the world - Nature - 20 May 2022

First draft genome sequence of Monkeypox virus associated with the suspected multi-country outbreak, May 2022 (confirmed case in Portugal) - - 20 May 2022

Belgian case of Monkeypox virus linked to outbreak in Portugal - - 20 May 2022

Why monkeypox isn’t like Covid-19. Experts are cautiously concerned, but this is a fundamentally different outbreak - Vox - 19 May 2022

European outbreak of monkeypox: what you need to know - The Conversation - 19 May 2022

Explainer: What is monkeypox and why are cases on the rise in Europe? - ABC News - 19 May 2022