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The collections - print and online

Print collection

Fiona Stanley Hospital Library has a small collection of print books. Opening times (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm).

Royal Perth Hospital Library has print books and the print journal collection.Opening times (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm).

Any book from either site is available to staff across the South and East Metropolitan Health Services. See the catalogue for locations.

South and East Metropolitan Health Services staff also have access to any WA Health Library and its print books - either by reciprocal borrowing or just ask to have books delivered via inter-library loan.

Search this catalogue link to view holdings from all WA Health Libraries.

The loan period is one month.

Online collection

An extensive online collection of books and journals is available - search the titles.


The Library allows two loan renewals before books must be returned (or sighted before a final third renewal period). The Library does not issue fines for late returns but invoices will be sent for books not returned after notices have been sent and attempts to call have not resulted in books being returned.  The invoice will cover replacement costs and an administration fee.

Book purchasing for departments

In general this information applies to orders for print items. eResources are generally bought from Library funds as the access path for online resources needs to be available across EMHS and SMHS.  Subscriptions are bundled (by publisher not clinical specialty) which makes determination of a single price impossible.

Library staff will order print books for departments on request so long as there is documented approval trail from the person with delegated authority to spend from the cost centre and supplemental approval from the appropriate business manager.

Books bought from departmental cost centres will generally be catalogued and stamped with appropriate stamps to indicate organisational ownership. This provides for their identification as an organisational asset in line with Treasurer’s Instruction 410 in the Financial Administration Bookcase (FAB).

The following assets should be recorded in the asset register [i.e. in Library terms this is the catalogue]:
(ii) library materials having the required value and useful life

The term ‘appropriate records’ is intended to imply those that are sufficient to identify the assets, record their date of acquisition, cost or valuation and details of sale if appropriate.

Library staff can assist with:

1. Providing advice on bibliographic details for known items and where required bibliographies of possible items for inclusion in a departmental collection.
2. Sourcing books from the most cost-effective source.
3. Ensuring appropriate authorisation has been received to expend funds in the departments cost centre.
4. Placing orders, following up, receiving books.
5. Paying invoices and charging back to the departmental cost centre.
6. Cataloguing new books (where the value justifies the work involved).
7. Processing the items with ownership stamps and labels.
8. Providing departments with stocktake lists on request.
9. Removing catalogue records once items reach the end of their useful life.