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Statistics - Free statistical packages available

A powerful new generation of statistical programs are now available for use by researchers, students and clinicians.  HealthPoint (intranet) 4 December 2019

Three open-source programs, Jasp, Jamovi and BlueSky, have recently been packaged by HSS, tested by Dr Milan Dragovic and deployed for regular use. To request installation on personal computers, use the HFN-070 form.

For more information contact Dr Milan Dragovic.


HSS, Software Asset Management Unit (SAMU) coordinates a whole of Health licence purchase for SPSS and for SAS.  

Costs are charged back to the department for both SPSS and SAS.  The cost depends on the number of modules purchased.  There is an up-front license purchase cost and lower annual license renewals.

If you wish to be added to the group of SPSS licensed users, please complete an HFN-070 form and attach it when you log an IT Request.

There are also email distribution lists in the email Global Address Book that shows who uses the licences - see HSS, SPSS Application User Group, and Infohealth, SAS User Group.

The SAMU FAQ's page on the HealthPoint intranet has some answers on common questions.
i) Can I use Academic/Education SPSS licences on work computers and laptops in the WA health system?
​​j) How much does a SPSS licence cost

Statistical tests

Statoolio is a statistical test selection tool to assist clinicians, early career researchers and medical students identify the most appropriate statistical test for their research and/or quality improvement projects. It has been developed by the Clinical Research Centre (CRC) at Graylands Hospital. Statoolio is based on a decision tree consisting of 16 questions. After guiding the user to the appropriate statistical test, Statoolio then provides considerable educational content for each test – including examples, datasets, links to video tutorials and other relevant information. 
For each statistical test, the tool includes the following:

  • a clear explanation of each statistical test
  • well-constructed examples with downloadable mock data
  • instructions on how to replicate the results in ‘Jamovi’, a free open source statistical software
  • outputs from a statistical test with highlighted key indices
  • examples of how to present the results in a meaningful way
  • YouTube tutorial links.

Statoolio is web based with a mobile responsive format, and can be accessed by scanning the QR code below or through your browser

Sources of Statistical Data - Australia

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare - DataAbout AIHW data.

Access to ABS data for health staff - HealthPoint [intranet] - 8 January 2021

"The Epidemiology Branch has organised a subscription, which will enable WA health system staff to access Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) health and Census data via the online ABS TableBuilder tool for free, until 30 June 2021.
The subscription will enable staff to access and analyse a variety of ABS data, including from the:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Data Series
  • National Health Survey Data Series
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity Data Series
  • Census Table Builder Pro Data Series
  • Australian Census Longitudinal Data.

This includes access to data on nutrition, physical activity, health risk factors and selected health conditions, housing, homeless and socioeconomic advantage or disadvantage, including data specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
To register for access, staff are to use their health email address and complete the online registration form
Once registered, staff can login to TableBuilder.
To access Census data, click the “Census TableBuilder Basic & Pro” link and to access all other datasets click the “TableBuilder: all other datasets” link."
For more information or assistance, please contact the Epidemiology Branch at "